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I have been searching for a place that served authentic Mexican food for so long. I have found it! Simple, fresh and delicious. The tacos were awesome. The tortillas were fresh and the cilantro and radishes were a perfect topping! My boyfriend ordered chips and guacamole – no shortage of deliciousness there either. We have a new favorite spot to grab a bite! Don’t pass up this place, it is more than worth it!

Michele S.

Been to this place three times, chicken taco is delicious, ordered beef taco sometimes and love it

Johnny P.

Hola Hola!! Finally got a chance to try this place today and man oh man was it delish!! I had to try some pupusa and empanadas and they were amazing!! Next up was the tasty and authentic chicken tamales with and order of fried plantains to keep it real up in the feel!!! Seriously folks if you want the real deal and want to get your mouth to watering don’t be pollo and head over to the El Paso Taco Grill. Not a lot of dough for some good eating.

Anthony B.

Been coming to this place for a couple of years now and the food is pretty good and consistent considering they’ve changed the cook a couple of times. All the food is fresh and it’s not pricey for the amount of food you get. You can eat in take out or they deliver and they even have a small selection of ready food you can just go in and get. The staff is friendly.

Clarissa M.

Best pork tacos on Long Island. Great hole in the wall place. Cheap and authentic. Very clean. A must try

Chris L.

Love this place…best chicken quesadila and fried plantains. Could eat here all the time:)

Samantha J.

Been here two more times in the last month. Picked up two dozen empanadas for Super Bowl. They were outstanding and everybody loved them. Stopped in for lunch today. They had the Al Pastor tacos this time. Tres tacos por $6 pesos is a great deal! Authentic Mexican Street tacos, awesome empanadas! Many other menu items that I will be trying soon.

Vinny G.

my go to spot, the food is cooked fresh to order and is on point every single time. Best tacos and quesodillas

Rod S.

What What! El Paso is the shizz. They barely speak English in there, the place takes forever to make my tacos to go, but who cares. I’ll wait as long as I need to, to get a taste of those tacos. They are fresh. They are tasty. They are priced right. What else do you want? And furthermore, where else will you get a quality authentic taco around here. Closest place is about 2000 miles southwest of New York.

A.P. G.

Everything I could have wanted! Very delicious and very affordable… Stop going to chipotle and support local delicious food!

Lauren M.

Best tacos I have ever had outside of Mexico City! This little hole in the wall in Farmingdale is as close to authentic Mexican as you can get. I’m a big fan of Oaxca in Huntington and this small placE is every bit as good. I had a trio of tacos for $7. They didn’t have the Al Pastor tacos which seem to be highly recommended. I went with a chorizo, a chicken and a carne asada. The chicken was amazing. I can’t describe how delicious the meat was. Next up was the chorizo. Again, perfection. Last up was the carne asada. Very good. Had a similar flavor as the chicken, but not quite as good. This is most definitely a place that I will be returning to often.

Vinny G.

I have had Mexican food from a lot of good places, and believe me this is as legit as it gets. One of the best tacos I tasted on Long Island. The folks working in the kitchen are Mexicans who seem to know what they are cooking and it shows. Your taste buds will take you on a joy ride that will force you to come back and have some more of that yummy goodness. The food however takes a while once you order. My tacos took like 10 min but they are worth the wait. Come here for good, legit and cheap Mexican food. Don’t come here for a dine-in experience with pleasant ambiance and good service, you won’t get any.

Venkata M.

I am so impressed. Let me start off by saying that I live in Manhattan, with that being said, I am surrounded by some of the best food on the planet. Working in Melivlle makes me wish I had a teleportation device so I could pop into the city during lunch and get back to the office. I’d also visit Jessica Alba’s house, but I will spare you the perversion. Anyhow, I came across this place and ordered a veggie burrito for my boss, a steak burrito, a chicken empanada and two small cups of guacamole. I called for a pick order, and it was ready and waiting for me when I got there (under 15 minutes). Total cost? Under 18 bucks. Yup. Got back to the office, and was just so impressed that they wrapped each container with cling wrap so the contents wouldn’t spill out. Who does that? No one I’ve ever done business with, that’s for sure. Now for the food, : My empanada : meaty, flavorful, crispy and fresh! My steak burrito: Man, it was so good my fatass stopped mid-meal to pick up the phone and tell these guys how great their food was, and how much I appreciated the care they took in wrapping my delivery! The guy on the other end of the phone was stunned, but appreciated the compliment. Glad I could make his day. P.S. – My boss loved the veggie burrito as well, but CAUTION: she carelessly applied the hot sauce all over her burrito before sampling it, and was definitely causing some tears to run down her face! Love this place. Give it a shot.

Russell M.

Mmm … El Paso Taco. I have been itching to write a review on this place, and now I have the time to do so. This place is perfect, spot on. First, I am going to go into the establishment and describe what it is like. The workers that are very friendly and welcoming. I really love walking in and being greeted immediately. This place really has the Mexico ‘feel’. Spanish music is being played, and it is nothing too fancy. It really brings me into a ‘Mexican’ like environment. If you ever eat inside, it is just much more enjoyable, and makes the experience of eating Meixcan food more enjoyable. Now, the most important, the food. Usually, I order the steak burrito here, in which I personally give a 10/10. It is cooked and prepared beautifully, and tastes amazing; it is very delicious. There is a wide array of what you can choose from what kind of burrito. I have also order taco here before, and they are awesome. Along with other dishes, I have also ordered the Mexican Grilled Chicken Sandwhich, and a quesadilla, in which are amazing as well. Overall, this place deserves five stars, for they display excellance across the board. The price is right, and is much better than Chipotle for you buritto lovers out there. I highly would recommend this place over Chipotle, because you will buy a better tasting buritto than Chipotle will ever make.

Jonathan N.

Spot on perfect. Go with the al pastor burrito. Takes me back to Cozumel. Different from Nixtamal in queens..This is the basics done right. It is my go to place. If you like “Chipotle” come here. support the local economy.

David C.

Definitely some of the best food I’ve ever had!

Ever F.

Simply delicious. I haven’t had one thing I didn’t completely enjoy to full satisfaction. Everything is so fantastically priced and filling! I usually go for the sopes, any meat, they’re all delicious. If you’re going to eat here, don’t get the typical standard American ideas of Mexican food (tacos/empanadas)- it’s delicious for it’s authentic cuisine. Try the sopes, try some guajillo sauce, carne asada tacos (if you must do tacos), etc. You won’t regret it.

Alysha R.

This is THE place to go for authenticity! I have been here two times and in those two times this has become my favorite place to get tacos. Their Al Pastor tacos are just simply incredible. They consist of grilled pork with a spicy red chile guajillo sauce that is to die for. It’s worth to mention that you should not pour on more hot sauce until you’ve tasted already bc it already packs a punch on it’s own. I am also a big fan of their carne asada tacos and burrito but my first choice would definitely be the Al Pastor anything! They also have really good tamales and empanadas if you are looking for a little something extra. The place itself can be offputting on the outside as it just looks almost like a corner store or bodega but don’t let the looks fool you. What happens inside is just pure magic and no looks would keep me away from food that tastes that good. There’s a few spots to park on the street in front of and across the street but not tons. The place is on the smaller side with probably about 8 tables that you bring your food to. They always have food behind the display which you can see many regulars come and have which I still have to try since it all looks delicious. The food is all made fresh in front of you so if you’re tight on time you may want to call ahead. This is a must try for any taco lover, they will make you come back for more, I promise.

Chris T.

Ugh! You need authentic Mexican/Salvadorian meals?! This is the closest you’ll get in the Massapequa/Farmingdale area. Service is quick but they’re always so busy that sometimes it can take a bit to get your order. If you love ‘sopes’ or even if you’ve never tried one-have them here! 3 for under $10 and loaded with toppings of your choice. Like to play it safe with tacos? Get’em here too. Fresh tortillas and meats cooked to order. They also have a nice looking deli with something different every day. People are nice but it’s not a pretty place to sit and enjoy your meal at.

Gaby C.

Yeah. Go here. Bare bones spot, but what they lack in decor, they make up for in flavor. I had the taco trio with chorizo, chicken, and steak, whilst the bff had the lengua and steak. To my surprise, my favorite was the chicken! It was perfectly cooked, with lovely charred pieces here and there. Though this was my favorite, everything was flavorful. Staff was friendly, they definitely take pride in their food, and don’t compromise on quality.

Jess N.

The food is always fresh, the staff is very friendly, and the price is amazing! The portion size is HUGE and you really get a bang for your buck! The tacos are fabulous and freshly made when ordered. My favorite is the Pechuga A La Plancha; it’s a grilled chicken platter that is HUGE and only $7.50. I get two meals out of it because it’s so much food! Their empanadas are amazing, Chicken, beef, doesn’t matter what is in them, they season everything perfectly. Go there and get some amazing food… but whatever you do… ASK FOR THE GREEN SAUCE. It’s made fresh and it is delicious!!!!

Christina B.

I just had another delicious Veggie Burrito. I used to be hooked on Chipotle, but after finding this place they just don’t compare. El Paso grills the burritos after they make it so they don’t fall apart while eating. No guac but it comes with avocado, sour cream & two sauces (green=mild & red=bring water!) for the same price. Definitely the best Burritos in town!

Rodney E.

I looovvveeee this place! Just don’t go there during a very hot summer day. You’ll literally feel like you’ve gone to Mexico! I always call ahead and don’t usually stick around and eat there. I typically get the Hawaiian sandwich. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and spice. I wish I had one right now. I agree with most reviews that it’s one of the most authentic Mexican restaurants in the area. Got there for the food not the atmosphere.

Sabina O.

Bam! 5 Stars! How do you know a food establishment is 5 star worthy…….. this is how, it is 2:30 in the afternoon, I am sitting at my desk, and I can’t wait to leave work and go eat El Paso tacos! It might seem strange to give 5 stars to a taco place, but this place is very good and they are super nice there. I usually get the chicken tacos, but I have also had the tamales and empanadas. I look forward to trying more of their food. Beware of the homemade hot sauce, not sure what peppers they use, but very hot!

J R.

One of my favorite lunch spot. Fresh made to order authentic checken taco platter comes with rice and beans… the hot sauce is HOT!! all for $5 bucks. Its the best!

Jennifer D.

Best tacos and burritos around! We have been faithful Green Cactus patrons…no longer since we found this gem!!!! Can’t wait to return!!

Cristine K.

Best. Tacos. Ever. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I swing by here for a trio of tacos. Steak, chorizo and tongue. Extra limes please! 😉 They are so kind, and the food is always cooked to perfection. I don’t even remember how many times I’ve been here.

Halley K.

Listen not to John T. El Paso has reopened. They still feature the best burritos on long island. If you enjoy chipotle or moes, grow some taste buds and eat here. Your mouth will thank you.

Jerez K.

I am so glad this place opened again. After it being closed for about a month due to unpaid taxes I was freaking out… I needed this place … Bad !!! I highly recommend ” pollo frito con tajadas” originally from Honduras ; this place has mastered it !!!

Neydelin B.

Best Mexican around

John T.

I have no idea what the rest of the menu is like, but the Burrito Al Pastor is ridiculous. You will want to finish the whole thing. Your body will hate you, but your mouth will rejoice. $7 of glory.

Bryan M.

Incredible meal! Our office ordered takeout for dinner tonight – for the third or fourth time in recent memory – and this was our largest and best order! Everyone loved the freshness, the careful way it was packaged and delivered and, best of all for some of us, some of the options (corn tamale, cheese quesadilla) are fabulously VEGETARIAN friendly!! We’re going to be ordering from here, as a group, for quite some time to come!

CarynEve M.

Best burritos I’ve had around the area by far. I checked this place out a couple of months ago based on all of the positive things I had been reading on yelp. Since then I’ve been coming back to this place for lunch multiple times a week. I never really appreciated Mexican food fully until I tried El Paso. The burritos are perfectly seasoned and each bite is bursting with delicious flavors. The pupusas are also extremely good and I usually require both a burrito and pupusa to achieve maximum fullness. I also like to include a Mexican bottled coke with my meal which uses cane sugar as opposed to high fructose corn syrup. You can’t go wrong here, everything I have tried has been delicious. You owe it to your tastebuds to go to El Paso.

Jon U.

Amazing food at a very reasonable price..the staff is really nice and helpful…the only downside us that it is freezing while you eat there but i still give it 5 stars…must go back i think im addicted

John C.

This Mexican hole in the wall was rated as top 10 for tacos in Long Island. I’m lucky to live down the block from the place. Real authentic tacos and burritos straight from Guadalajara. Their dinner platters rock as well. Real spicy and authentic dishes. this is a good local joint Warning bring a bullet proof vest with you. Enjoy

Andrew G.

Awesome tacos, great job!

Philip Z.

This place is so good, I would eat here every day. Seriously. I’ve had the chicken tacos, shrimp platter, veggie burrito, salvadorian sandwich and the baleadas especial (just to name a few of my favorites). Everything is always delicious. I can even just walk in and point at something sitting behind the glass and that will be wonderful too!

Laura S.

Absolutely love this place!!! Affordable and delicious. Can’t get any better than this. The guacamole from El Paso is out of this world, incredibly fresh!

Hoan N.

Awesomest tacos Al Pastor ever. I have eaten in similar joints all over the country. Few even come close to this place. It’s a total hole in the wall, but doesn’t the best food always come from these types of places? All the other food here is delicious as well but my heart belongs to the Tacos Al Pastor!

Glenn C.

Without a doubt..my favorite place to eat. Ive probably tried everything on the menu..and Ive never had a bad experience. Go there now!

Jonathan L.

As good as food gets… Bottom line. Just go. OFTEN! Order everything on the menu. I’m not kidding

Nicholas L.

FINALLY!!!!! Authentic Mexican food! I never could understand why Long Island was flooded with these b.s. Mexican food joints when it has such a strong Mexican culture residing in the area. I could only imagine what they would say about places like Mangoes. This place is fantastic and the people are incredibly welcoming and genuine. El Paso is a local joint that Farmingdale should be proud of. I’m thrilled to be able to support a small business and fill my tummy up with some incredible and CHEAP food. We had the steak sopes (which were a meal on their own) and the three tacos (pork, chicken & steak). Oh and don’t forget the Coke in a glass bottle! Fantastic! The ingredients are so fresh that when we tried to order the gauc, they were out of avocados and while I wish I could have had some, I’m also really stoked that they made it THAT FRESH. Go there with an empty stomach and chow down!!

Susan S.

I can’t believe how good the burritos are here. Pork is al pastor — yeahhhhhhh. They speak english well here too, so no problems. I think they keep getting better.

Jeff O.

Great little joint. Sope was excellent and affordable.

Dana L.

order Tacos de Lengua. pour some of the green sauce and some of the red… and prepare yourself for some tasty fresh tacos. I’ve been eating here for about 3 years now and I gotta say you need to catch them when they serve beef tripe in the front hot foods area. Ask if they have the creamy seafood soup that will blow your mind. while youre at it, ask Belinda to serve you up some of their Pupusas. Yum…. Yum.. Yum.

Linh V.

After reading the reviews on this place, we stopped in after getting off the train and it was a real find. We love Mexican food and can’t find enough authentico places here on LI (we usually go into Queens (Corona) to Nixtamal for great Mexican food), but this place is a new favorite. We ordered off the menu with taco pollo, taco de al pastor, y dos burrito pollo and completed the experience with the most incredible guac and chips–I watched the woman behind the counter make the guac from scratch and cut and fry the tortilla chips–can’t get any fresher than that. While I like Chipotle–why would you eat chain food when you can have the real thing?? We also like supporting our community small businesses and this was a great place to take the kids. They loved the Jarritos and Grape Crush. We topped off the meal with homemade pineapple popsicles. Will look forward to going back again and trying their daily specials. My only recommendation would be to have bowls (or small plastic containers) available for the salsas–they come in large squeeze bottles, but not great for dipping the chips. You’ve got to try this place!

Robert A.

I don’t usually order from the menu – although today I ordered a carne asada torta, and I was very impressed (heres the description: sandwiches made with refried beans, mayo, lettuce, tomato, avocado, fresh cheese and jalepeno). I believe there are two people who speak english fluently there. And if that fact doesnt make it legit to you, eat there. I usually order from what they have in the front. There are generally around 5 dishes, with at least 2 kinds of rice, refried beans or pintos, yuca, and possibly plaintains or other sides. The main dishes change daily, everything seems fresh. I have no idea most of the names of the dishes, or even if there are names. The burritos are very large and less expensive than Chipotle. Today I had a delicious Columbian style empanada – sent by god! There are always new things popping up – I suggest you try everything . The first time you go, the ordering process may be tough. You have to persevere though. You may even not like it the first time. Come back though. The food is great quality, changed daily, and won’t hurt your money clip at all. Another thing to mention: They have all the authentic Latin American drinks that you may want. The south american cokes, the tamarind drink, the jarritos, and others. This is one of the few genuinely authentic places still operating on Long Island. They just opened a Chipotle a few miles away. You choose.

Jeff O.